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the past few months have such a blast!! especially ever since my tablet broke (: only 2 more months of fun new things in the fandom that I cant be a part of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did some drawing in school today, featuring myself, toby, li’lwood, and a very tall & muscular nanosounds

also if you wanna line/color the martyn and toby one feel free to, i’ll probably do so once i get my tablet back but for now go wild—and credit me, of course !!


just found out pinovart broke 100 followers a few days ago!! as a reminder, art is on hiatus for the time being and will resume this winter, but thank you so much for supporting me , and i look forward to being able to draw for everybody again ♥♥


Sure thing, doll! I’m going in order of this, top to bottom. I’ve included everyone’s names, the picture I drew of them, their official avatars, and some helpful links at the bottom for more info!

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I can explain. Sorta.

Basically, something’s wrong with my computer, I’m not sure what it is. It could be a virus, something could be broken, I’m not sure what. My computer refuses to recognize my tablet. I mean it will work for 30 seconds then I get an error message. I’ve been looking at every possible way to fix this for a week now, and nothing’s worked. I updated my drivers, did this, did that, and still nothing. 

If worst comes to worst, I will get a new tablet, but keep in mid this could take a very very long time.

If any of you have experienced this problem with a Turcom TS-6580 or anything similar, your help would be appreciated.

I’m really doing my best to resolve the issues because believe me, all I want to do right now is draw.

"Does this mean I can’t make any requests until your tablet is fixed?"

Of course not!!! Yes, it will take a while before I can do it (please keep in mind I also have a job now) but don’t feel detered from making requests; seeing them right now would honestly give me something to look forward to. For those of you who requested something a while ago, I am so so sorry. I wasn’t expecting this problem to come up and yours will be the first I do once it’s fixed.

While I’m at it, I feel like I need to address the requests themselves:

  • Limit ONE character per request please please please
  • I will draw any character, given OCs have a decent full-body reference.
  • If the same character gets multiple color scheme requests, I will bundle them all up together, no matter how much the colors conflict. This is just for my sake as I really don’t want to draw the same character up to 3 times in a row.
  • Literally any character. Any.
  • Requests are open ALWAYS!!!
  • I take requests besides Yogscast.
  • NSFW is ok.
  • Did you know I draw other characters besides the Yogscast???? because I do!!

This was just a general update on my art and where it’s been. Please don’t think I’m lazy, I’m just trying to balance a lot of stuff right now. Thanks for your time and patience, you guys and gals and nonbinary pals are the best♥♥

spoopyskeletonkitty inquired:

Thanks a bunch!!! Aw man you’re a super rad person and I hope the rest of your day is rockin!!♥♥♥

Anonymous inquired:
Hey I saw your dom-o-meter and I was wondering what your headcannon was. If you dont mind me asking,

…Well, I don’t have just one singular headcanon. I could try to compile all of them together if that’s what you want? If you want my dominance headcanons, they’re all pretty much on that chart. Of course I don’t mind disscusing headcanons at all, I just don’t know how specific you want me to be.

Anonymous inquired:
i think your dom-o-meter is very accurate (and also hilarious, oh my god) aside from the fact that will strife /definitely/ belongs at the bottom of the list

I keep seeing that in the tags and I’m kind of rethinking my own headcanon now.. But thank you so much!! I really didn’t expect it to get so much attention!

Here it is, my very own Yogscast Dom-O-Meter (a way to measure how dominant each member is)

This is based 100% on my own headcanon, and it was also and excuse to draw some cute Yogheads♥


I tried combining all 3 colors into one scheme and made an anime alien man

Nothing suits Strife better

Send me a character and a color scheme and I’ll draw them for you!

candiednillynile inquired:
zozo (preferably the irl one that was just discovered today) in rainbow!! :D *p.s. zozo irl is such a babe wow I wanna smooch her god dammit*


I know right. Look at this queen. Beautiful. ♥

Send me a character and a color scheme and I’ll draw them for you!


I know we all like the mean ice winter Martyn headcanon but let’s talk about happy sakura sping Martyn hMMMMMM???

Send me a character and a color scheme and I’ll draw them for you!

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